Weekly News

20th August 2022

Once again we welcome all our church family and mission partners who live in our vicinity and elsewhere, to our updated news for this week. We continue to lift you all up in prayer, particularly for those of you who are needing God’s healing grace and peace at this time. God’s richest blessings to you and yours.

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS SUNDAY 21st AUGUST – Big Sunday last week with Graeme delivering a word for the church in this season and then Julie bringing a word from heaven for Graeme and David. This week, Julie will share from the scriptures and from what Father God has laid on her heart in a timely way and Bob will serve the River Church in Dapto whilst May continues to recover.

IF YOU ARE IN THE VICINITY ON SUNDAY, PLEASE DO JOIN US face to face at the Augusta Street Hub, and if you are unwell, on leave, or just away for whatever reason, please join us ONLINE via our Live-Stream from 10am THIS and EVERY SUNDAY … (see our Facebook page link OR our YouTube Channel for online access).

THANK YOU FOR YOUR CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER – As continues to be appropriate during this winter season, PLEASE stay home if you or someone in your household is feeling unwell and IF you are in attendance at one of our face to face meetings for the time-being, no-one will look at you strangely if you decide to wear a mask for your own peace of mind and for the protection of others around you. This is NOT mandatory but encouraged, particularly in close quarters with others where physical distancing is more challenging.

The HOPE Project Mission Situation Reports (Sit-Reps)

NATIONAL DAY OF THANKSGIVING PRESENTATION TO CORRIMAL EAST PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS We finally had a response from the school which allowed the presentation of a Certificate of Thanks to Teachers and 4 x Sweet Treat Vouchers this last Thursday 18th August.

Graeme presenting the ‘thank-you’ award to Jemima Gammone (Principal) & Diane Taylor (Librarian) representing Corrimal East PS Teachers

The award was presented to the Principal and Librarian (who also coordinates SRE for the school) who accepted it on behalf of the teachers at the school. Graeme presented on behalf of the ‘Illawarra Churches’, in the presence of Heather representing our church, Emma representing our church and the Mum’s of students at CEPS, and a bunch of scripture students from K-6, who meet in the library at 1.15pm on Thursdays for scripture, including our very own kids, Keo (Vice Captain), Airlee and Scarlett, along with a bunch of others who know us from our annual ‘Carols on the Street’ Event. We thank God for the opportunity to re-open this relationship between the school and our church and look forward to the implications for that as we continue to forge these pathways for mission that God is opening up for us to explore. Many thanks to Heloisa from ‘City Women’ and the ‘Together for the Illawarra’ national day of thanksgiving committee, for coordinating the procurement of the framed certificate and vouchers.

HOPE4KIDS 2022 AWARENESS AND FUNDRAISING EVENT – THE WEEK HAS ARRIVED!!! – This year’s main focus is the presentation of a ‘Keith Green 40th Anniversary Tribute Concert’. The funds raised from the concert will be shared between CCC HOPE4Kids and Gordon’s ‘Hope and Future – Ugandan Orphans Project’.

WE UNDERSTAND THAT NOT EVERYONE WE KNOW WILL GO TO THE CONCERT AND SOME SIMPLY MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PUT THE 27TH AUGUST IN THEIR DIARIES, if you can of course, here is the DIRECT LINK to the Concert’s booking website. Bookings are starting to accelerate and they ARE essential.

SO, we need to raise awareness and funds specifically for HOPE4Kids throughout August, separate from and extra to the Tribute Concert. Graeme has decided to work a little on his health and well-being BEFORE the Concert, and the fun police, Karen and Heather, report that he’s lost a few kg now as this last week was a little more conducive to a balanced diet and some exercise. A few hundred dollars has been donated since the announcement that we will do some extra fund raising – THANK YOU!

You CAN of course give cash specifically earmarked for H4K-22 to Heather or Carol if and when you see them (as some lovely person did recently), OR if you are already giving to the church account electronically, you could identify an extra gift deposit identified as ‘H4K-22’, OR you can DONATE DIRECTLY VIA CARD TRANSACTION HERE.

As you may know, sales of Graeme’s music continuously raises funds for HOPE4Kids and each year, dedicated sales funds are added to monies raised through the annual community fundraiser to boost the total giving. We have also started updating the journey and talking about this effort on the HOPE4Kids Facebook Group which is accessible via THIS LINK. For the H4K backstory, visit our website’s ‘HOPE4Kids’ page.

‘BUILDING THE FUTURE’ – we have commenced a pilgrimage together towards working out what the shape of our HUB facilities should be for the new season of the church’s mission and beyond. We thank the Lord for the positive and supportive input we have received from many of you after we made the announcement on 31st July. Graeme and John are making themselves available weekly on Wednesday afternoons for any Q&A with the neighbours. During THIS WEEK we should be updated with details about what we can and can’t do on the property so please pray as the team meets to sort this out. If you missed the ‘Building the Future’ announcement that Mick presented so well and clearly, OR, you couldn’t access the link for one of a number of reasons, HERE IS THE LINK to the recorded version.

THE SANCTUARY ILLAWARRA – Our ‘backyard missionaries’ Jono and Nicky Hyratt, will NOW join us for a chat, hopefully on Sunday 11th September. They have recovered from Covid, praise the Lord! but there has been a lot going on with their work, health and family. So we’ll look to God’s timing for this interview, on the 11th September or whenever we can schedule it, because it is designed to help inform our prayers about their efforts in the name of Christ, and the people that have begun journeying with them as they follow Jesus’ call to reach the lost through this southern church plant and more. Let’s keep praying and seeking God’s heart for them all as they move forward. Recent online messages can be engaged via their YouTube channel and all the latest news via their Facebook page.

HOPE COMMUNITIES UPDATE: – Extra to the imminent roll out of study/training content via our new Podcast Stations and supplementary opportunities for tutoring / coaching that will be added to the calendar shortly, over the next week or so we will advertise a broadening of our current group nurturing and learning opportunities, including some sermon and HOPE devotional round-tables alongside a suggested workshop schedule, so stay tuned for these announcements which we are sharpening now, or talk with Graeme or Heather (and David and Carol SOON!!) about the varied ways you can engage with these study/training programs. Meanwhile ……

CHURCH AND COLLEGE PODCAST STATIONS LAUNCHED – We are slowly but steadily adding content to the two podcast stations. Here are the links so you can check in regularly for new episodes of content which will include audios of weekly Sunday messages, devotional reflections, Discover Corrimal Community Church information, regular content for bible study and missionary training, and more ….

Church Podcast Station or you can listen on Spotify HERE (new devotional reflections added weekly)

College Podcast Station or you can listen on Spotify HERE (more subject content will be added soon)

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD 2022 – is our hands-on way to bless children in need across the world by filling shoe-boxes with toys, hygiene items, school supplies, and fun gifts. Heather has organized with our OCC Local Coordinator Robyn, for the boxes and other helpful materials to be available from the Hub soon. We will collect the boxes and deliver them to Robyn who will distribute them in the name of Jesus Christ to children living in vulnerable situations. We can also receive modest monetary or toy (as per above list) donations that will help pack a shoe box if you can’t work it all out BUT talk with Heather or one of our Hosts if you are at the Hub on any given Sunday OR use our Contact Us page to let us know you are interested in helping and would like to know more and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need. We haven’t been in a position to do this since 2020 but we have been a partner in this effort for a decade so hopefully we’ll break our record of 20 shoe boxes this year. We thank God for your generosity in these efforts to help and bless others, particularly children at Christmas. We’ll start wrapping the drive up EARLY OCTOBER so the team can get the boxes sent in time. Thank you!

Calendar Updates

(Please use our Contact Us page if you’d like to register for, or get more details for the following)

  • Women’s Monday Fortnightly Study and Prayer (Julie) 22nd August – 10.30am @ the HUB
  • General Bible Discussion (Beverley) 1st September at Judy’s place (on the verandah or inside with the heater if cold), (now the 1st and 3rd Wednesday’s of each month)
  • Regular Hour of Prayer for the Churches of the Illawarra and the Salvation of Souls (Graeme) @ The Hub 7.45am the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month. Next Prayer Time = 22nd August.
  • The Wollongong ‘Keith Green 40th Anniversary’ Tribute Concert (for HOPE4Kids & Hope and Future Ministries) at City Diggers Saturday evening August 27 … find out more HERE, including our ticket website
  • Korimul Gang (Scout & Guide) Shows – September shows Friday 9th – 7pm or Saturday 10th – 2pm OR 7pm (Merrigong IPAC Theatre Wollongong Tickets – Choose your Day then Show Time) for more details contact Rob or Sharon Sackett
  • TRIVIA – Northern Illawarra Scripture Board Fundraiser at C3 Thirroul on Saturday 10th September – so, support the Korimul Gang Show on Friday or Sunday, and our Scripture Teachers/Chaplain on Saturday night. REGISTER YOURSELF OR GET 7 OF YOUR MATES & REGISTER A TABLE HERE NB: If you know someone who might be able to add worthwhile items for the silent auction, please let heather or Carol know OR hand any items to them ASAP so they can be registered for bidding.
  • Covenant Partner Sunday – AGM – (Save the Date!) scheduled for the Sunday 25th September Gathering.
  • ‘Carols in the Street 2022’ – is scheduled as always for the second Sunday of December (11th). The street closure will occur from 4pm – 8pm. We will gather on that Sunday (11th Dec) morning to PRAY and ALLOCATE tasks for this our annual Christmas Gift to the community and as such there will be NO SUNDAY AM GATHERING that day. More Details after the HOPE4Kids Fundraiser. SAVE THE DATE!
  • Spring Campaign – Check back here SOON for the updated HOPE Community schedule!

Weekly Pastoral Prayer Update

NB: We leave prayer points up until we either hear about resolutions OR thank God for answers etc. so …

  • Firstly, we are THANKFUL for all the answered prayers that often go unnoticed. Thank you, Lord, for Your faithfulness.
  • Secondly, each and EVERY week we pray for each other and our brothers and sisters representing the Illawarra region’s body of Christ through other local churches who meet around us. And as Jesus prayed 15 My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one. We know this is a season when we will need to be combat ready and so we pray for each other that we would stand firm in the victory Christ won for us … AND that the Lord will add daily, those who are BEING SAVED!
    • THIS WEEK we are continuing to pray for our sister church ‘The River of Life – Dapto’, in particular because their minister and member of our church’s apostolic reference group May, has been in hospital undergoing tests and being monitored. We pray for May’s complete healing and restoration, and we pray for our Bob, who will preach for May THIS Sunday.
  • Thirdly each week we pray for the New Season of Mission Effort – We thank you for the first ‘7 years of planting and re-aligning to heaven’ and now we pray for the FIRST PHASE of the time we are referring to as ‘The SEED of Sustainability’ (2022-23) so a strategic plan for Spring 2022 will be released for prayer and response shortly. PLEASE PRAY AS WE PREPARE (Pre-Prayer) and keep tuning in for more. PLEASE ALSO PRAY FOR THE KEITH GREEN TRIBUTE CONCERT THIS WEEK.
  • Fourthly, here following are the MOST RECENT prayer requests that we have been given permission to share across our praying network … (please talk directly with the source of the request if you want more info) – we will endeavour to seek updates on all of the following, particularly those points that we’ve been praying for these last few weeks – not always simple, so thanks for your patience.
    • We thank You Lord, for returning strength to Julie’s back and if it’s helpful Lord, please make clear what the issue is and why it is happening. Please Lord, uphold Julie as she speaks on Sunday.
    • We ask Lord that you continue watching over the Boots family as they travel to spend time together and celebrate family birthdays over these next couple of weeks – particularly so soon after being impacted by covid.
    • We pray for Margaret who lost her eldest brother Norm recently We ask for peace and cover for Margaret and John, her brother Keith who has been staying with them and the whole family, who farewelled Norm last Tuesday in the Camden Valley. We ask for extra strength for this wonderfully caring and hospitable couple as they host Mike & Judy and Rob & Young currently.
    • We also pray for the Podmore’s, and Leanne and Michael’s family as they settle Ray into Marco Polo in Woonona after his move their this last Wednesday.
    • We continue to pray for June and her wider family as they grieve.
    • Please keep praying for our friend Marie and her family as she continues to fight some serious health challenges. We praise God for her recent positive move to a Warrigal Home and we pray for the family and health professionals as they assess whether Doug can join her.
    • We are praying also for our friend Audrey who is also facing some health challenges over the coming months. We pray for health and peace for her, her family and her friends.
    • We give you thanks Lord that Nicky is recovering well POST Covid and is away with family this weekend. We pray Lord for a full recovery for this and a few other longer term issues that have flared recently. We ask you God to bless our sister.
    • We are praying for complete healing in Jono’s body, particularly the hernia that has been an issue for some time now, and thank you Lord for watching over Jacob. Lord, bring peace to Jono, particularly with regard to a challenging situation in his work space.
    • Jono’s Dad Richard – we praise you Lord for answered prayer and we ask for your continued peace and protection as Richard prepares for a pacemaker to be inserted.
    • We thank you Lord that Christine is on the mend after her broken toe and the recent bout of the migraines she’s been having. We pray for continued wisdom and strength for her and her two sisters and the aged care consultants helping them care for their Mum in her own home (some improvements in this regard), also for her family members who have been inundated with water during recent rains and their daughter with a broken arm.
    • We thank you Lord for our sister Dot who sends her love to you all and we keep praying for her general health and well-being.
    • We thank you Lord for the improvements Heather has been experiencing with her respiratory challenge lately.
    • We continue to pray for Betro and SoYoung as they settle in back at home.
    • We thank God and keep praying for Evelyn.
    • We continue praying for Gwen and her son Jason. We are so thankful Lord for what you are doing in these two precious lives.
    • We are praying for Maree’s friend Gail who has a suspicious nodule on her thyroid gland. We pray for God’s miraculous healing supernaturally through the surgeon – guide them in whatever they do. Lord bring hope, peace and healing to Gail and all who love and care for her.
    • We pray for Emma’s friend Anna. That you will be sovereign in her life and completely cure whatever is wrong with some vital organs.
    • Linda has asked us to be thankful to God for baby Oliver whom we have prayed for recently. She asks for prayer because even though Oliver is doing better, his Dad Jake has lost hearing in one ear and Doctors are concerned. We are praying Lord for a miraculous recovery for Jake.
  • Please Keep Praying for these Brothers and sisters and situations –
    • We pray healing for members of our family who are each dealing with a variety of ongoing health issues currently, including the growing number experiencing cold and flu symptoms and or respiratory infections. We thank you for recent full recoveries and better outlooks for Gary, Julie, Ken, Andrew and Emma. We thank you Lord for your protection over other family members of these precious folk.
    • We continue to pray for Harry, Joy and Greg, Tom, Elsie and Carolyn’s family, Tim, and for Kylie and her family and friend’s needs.
    • We pray for our mate Gordon who has been isolated with Covid recently. We ask Lord for a speedy and full recovery with no lasting impact as he and the team prepare for the Keith Green Tribute Concert THIS WEEK.
    • Grant Wilson (Kiama Baptist Minister) whom Graeme saw last Thursday. Doing steadily well. It’s a long way back from such a serious accident but we thank God and continue to pray for his continued good recovery, his family and the church, being led wonderfully by Ally and the team as they deal with challenges in this time of transition. Grant has asked to pray that he has more grace for the long haul.
    • We pray thanks to God for the work of the Northern Illawarra Scripture Board and for answered prayer. We pray that we are empowered to play our part in this kingdom advancing work as it increases across the northern Illawarra churches network. We pray for our scripture teachers and chaplain as they get stuck into the challenges of term 3. We thank you Lord that Leanne is back at work and pray for an increase in her energy. We thank you too, for good feedback thus far from the investigations and interviews regarding the continuation of chaplaincy funding. We pray for Amanda’s (CHS Chaplain) health currently, and her family needing heaven’s touch and for Jennifer (Scripture Board Secretary) whose family is dealing with more than normal currently. We praise you Lord for the safe arrival of Jennifer’s grand twins. We thank you Lord also, for a terrific BIG board meeting last Tuesday – thanks for praying.
    • We also pray continuously for health and energy for Rob and Sharon who are heavily involved and busy as, coordinating scouts across the region for an increasing return to activities post-covid AND in particular the Korimul Gang Show, rehearsing to return to the stage (IPAC) this September.
    • We continue praying for Murray and Julie and the Food for Life Community Care team as they work tirelessly to provide affordable groceries to people trying to make ends meet across the Illawarra and Shoalhaven. We pray for Murray in the aftermath of a melanoma removal and the impact this has for Julie and the Kids, with Julie running the FFL Service for a week or three. We pray for our support team who work with the hamper truck on Thursday mornings. (Gary, Christine, Beverley, Ken, Jacki, John, Margaret, Maggie and Alex)
    • We pray for the people doing it tough that our Food for Life volunteers come across weekly when they serve hampers off the truck; in particular we continue to pray for Mich and Hamish.
    • We continue to petition our Lord Jesus for Heaven’s answers to the needs of so many who are struggling in the current economic climate and or have lost significantly in these repeated floods and cold weather snaps up and down the east coast.
    • For all of the wonderful people connected with our church family as we stand together during this new season of the battle for souls. We thank God for His encouragement, His healing touch and His mercy, grace and protection.
    • We pray both thanks to you God and ask for exceeding abundant blessings on all the new people who are determining whether or not to partner with us in the mission You have called us to.
    • We also pray with thankfulness for the wonderful and consistent giving and investment that our family and partners offer to enable this mission to thrive.
    • Graeme is grateful for the specific prayer support he knows he has received this last week. He has had good meetings and God has moved in a number of scenarios (see sit-reps above) Still a few prayer needs for which he is thankful for any prayer support.
      • Dedication of the 2nd Child (Charli) of a couple not attending church that Graeme is discipling (Saturday 11am) – he dedicated their first child Harper 4 years ago
      • Q&A Forum about the Building announcement with Augusta St Neighbours (with John Sunday and Wednesday 4.30pm)
      • Final rehearsals and logistical coordination for Keith Green Tribute.
  • The World needs our Faithful Prayers –
    • We continue to pray for people in the Ukraine and Russia, for peace, for unity, for a sense of purpose together for the future, instead of the divide and the misdirection that seems evident currently. LORD HAVE MERCY!
    • We pray for hepatitis and monkey pox outbreaks around the world and ask for Your intervention Lord, bringing about a speedy restoration of health. LORD HAVE MERCY on those affected and those working out what’s happening, and those working closely with those affected.
    • Please pray for the people who are hungry and helpless. Pray for the church (under persecution in many of these countries mentioned below) that they along with World Aid organizations will be able to be God’s effective hands and feet in that desperate scenario.
    • Pray for the people in many other countries who are dealing with political, religious and military unrest and or are being subjected to violence and persecution; in particular this week we pray for the unrest and unease in Afghanistan, the senseless violent attacks on people in Ethiopia, Vietnam, Togo and Ghana, Kenya, Myanmar, Papua (Indonesia), Eritrea, Burkina-Faso (particularly in the East where Jihadists seem hell bent on eradicating Christian facilitated education), Algeria and Indonesia, Nigeria (particularly for recent savage attacks on churches and renewed calls by IS to attack Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Shi’ite places of worship across Africa and Asia), India, Iran, the Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and this week our prayer call is for continued and lasting peace along the North-Eastern Syrian border with Turkey (and Syria in general)
    • PLEASE add any concern you have for our world HERE and pray LORD HAVE MERCY!
  • Of course if you have any thing you feel confident to ask us to SHARE in prayer for, please call, send a text or email Gary Padwick if you know his contact details, otherwise via our Contact Us page. We can help connect you, and Gary will faithfully engage our prayer-network.
  • Thank you for continuing to uphold each other and the lives and circumstances of our partners everywhere, in life-empowering prayer.

Love & blessings
Graeme for The Team