At the Hub

at the hub

At the Hub

Want to know what’s happening at the Hub?

When we refer to ‘The HUB’, we are talking about our mission Base Camp OR the Hub of mission and ministry OPS that happen EITHER at the physical location of the Corrimal Community Church Hub in Augusta Street East Corrimal NSW and or ELSEWHERE. This includes any regular OR once off gathering and or equipping opportunity that falls under CCC’s FOUR (4) Pillars that support our framework of operation; PRAYER – CARE – PREPARE – SHARE.

NB: When the calendar event is NOT at the Hub location, we usually say NOT @ HUB HQ in the calendar event heading where we normally identify the room at the facilities (e.g. Function Room, Whole Facility, Auditorium etc)

Check the calendar below which displays all of the above referred to opportunities that are CURRENTLY BOOKED and this also includes any regular facility usage by our lovely community group partners. CLICK ON ANY EVENT IN THE CALENDAR THAT INTERESTS YOU, FOR AS MUCH INFORMATION AS OUR VOLUNTEERS CAN PROVIDE TO DATE.

At MINIMUM, there should be a person listed inside the calendar event info. whom you can contact for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL usage of the Hub’s physical facilities in Augusta Street East Corrimal (other than brief comings and goings) needs to be booked in by emailing our Church Administrator via the contact us page, or by leaving a message on or providing a text message enquiry to the mobile phone number displayed on the contact us page. (mobile phone is monitored by volunteers at random times so less effective than email), and WAITING for a response for confirmation of your booking (or not – with reasons provided). THANK YOU! We need to know who is in the facilities (or at least who to contact) at any given time for compliance reasons in accord with Work, Health and Safety (incl. Safe Vulnerable People) Policies & Procedures. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you at the Hub.