Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the Corrimal Community Church (CCC) Hub? 

The Hub (as we refer to our building and facilities in our neighbourhood) is located at 9 Augusta Street East Corrimal NSW

How would you describe this church? What do you believe? 

The simplest answer is we are a Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT affiliated church that believes what most mainstream, orthodox Christian churches believe. A better answer is that the specific journey that we collectively believe, will, in the short to long term make more sense to everyone. Here are a few paragraphs that explain what we mean.

At Corrimal Community Church we realise that whilst many believe in God, some people are often uncomfortable with, or to some degree, unsatisfied with organized religion.
Well … so are we!

We are everyday people who simply think the church should look more like Jesus than any alternative that we can come up with. 

We are Bible believing followers of Jesus. As such we are committed to declaring, representing and demonstrating God’s kingdom. We seek God’s will to be done firstly in OUR hearts and through OUR lives and then in and through our relationships with others ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, as Jesus said:

May your (Father God’s) Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in heaven.

Matthew 6:10

We are a work in progress and hope beyond hope that as we love and serve those we connect to, they might more clearly see Jesus and become energized about sharing this journey with us – which ISN’T just about attending church on Sundays.

So whatever previous experience you have had with either this church or some other, we’d like to think you could regard us as a friend in your neighbourhood. We hope to be a friend willing to have a go at making a difference because we believe that Jesus came to earth to show us what we could become if we are motivated and compelled primarily by God’s love. 

Maybe that’s an idea which resonates with you? 

If you are tired of being bullied by the world’s selfish agendas, as we are, we invite you to partner with us. We invite you to encourage us or even challenge us to better reflect the culture of heaven which ONLY Jesus represented. 

Operating more like a caring family or team than an aloof institution is important to us. We admit that we won’t always get it right but it’s our intention, so we will keep working at it.

As such, we are trying to create a variety of spaces (including online options which have become important in this season), where we can safely meet together with Jesus, thank him for his sacrificial love which rescued us, and find ways to help our friends discover the life changing difference that a relationship with God can make.  

As John (one of Jesus’ first friends) wrote about in chapter 12 of his book: we are learning together how to BE present: IN love, WITHOUT judgement. We do hope you can join us on the journey soon!

Are there times other than 10am on Sunday mornings when I could engage with a service or meeting? 

Yes. We recognise that Sundays might be the only day families have any time to catch up with each other. Or perhaps you work Sundays, or it’s your main day for sporting and other activities, making attending a Sunday meeting in-person, challenging.

Our (developing) schedule will provide opportunities for connection, faith and community-building at other times during the week. You can find updates on events on our calendar page or contact us via our listed contact options. 

Meanwhile and currently, we have a growing number of online options and you can peruse some details about these opportunities HERE.

For up to date information about our developing schedule and to see what’s on at the Hub location, check out our calendar

Where should I park my car when visiting The Hub? 

This Hub facility has been located here for nearly 70 years and has been in a 100% residential zone for a couple of decades now. We partner with the council trying hard not to impede our neighbours’ parking and street access. There are usually half a dozen street parks in front of the Hub and in front of a few houses each side.


Also, when we have activities at The Hub, cars can usually only travel up the street in ONE LANE, waiting for each other at the end of parked cars. So, we’d also ask you to park as close to the kerbside as you can, to help with this. As we have reached a tipping point with car parking we ask any of our workers who need to park close for loading/unloading, to park in the driveway BUT leaving enough room for people and mobility devices and chairs to get passed to use the ramp entrance. The end of the driveway can still be used for dropping off anyone who has mobility challenges. We appreciate you contacting us first if you require this option (Contact Us page).

Please note the concrete slab on the front lawn is RESERVED FOR QUICK MANAGEMENT TEAM ACCESS DURING THE WEEK AND OR FOR EMERGENCIES so please don’t park on this slab.

If you drive to the Hub and you are physically able to walk a distance of 50 to 300 metres, there are still plenty of parking spots on Augusta and Linga Sts generally, on Pioneer Road further east, or further west of the Hub into Duff Parade.

For larger events like Weddings / Funerals etc. we position street signs and give directions for parking.  

THANK YOU for your support, patience and understanding. 

Do you provide for children during your meetings/services and or at other times in the week? 


We ask you to CONTACT US about children, because we don’t have an official children’s program as yet. We have been re-planting the church and preparing for the opportunities that might open up for us in the time to come. ALL of our ministers and volunteer leadership team have verified current Working With Children Checks (WWCC) with the NSW ‘Office of The Children’s Guardian and CURRENT ‘Creating Safe Churches’ certification through the Baptist Association NSW/ACT.

So, if you need assistance during one of our meetings please don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll do our best! We can probably provide activities, child minding support and occasional scripture teaching during our church gatherings (and other events by arrangement), currently for children up to 11 years of age.  There are also plenty of areas if you need ‘time out’ with your kids, including a ‘cry-room’, creche, lounge area, kitchen and function room.

We will progressively launch ‘CCC Kids’ as community needs arise, so please keep visiting our events calendar, or check out Facebook for developments and updates about potential children and or youth engagement events and opportunities as they emerge. 

Am I expected to make a monetary offering to the church if I attend any meetings?

No! Obviously, we are a not-for-profit organization that is only able to provide services based upon the commitment and support of those who give regular monetary donations/gifts. BUT, we believe that ‘giving’ is a person’s response to the work we do out of their own relationship with God.  If you have questions or would just like to talk about this, please make an appointment to see our minister via this link and he will gladly help clear things up for you about this issue or anything else that’s on your mind.  If you’d like to attend a meeting/service but feel you can’t donate, please don’t let that stop you joining with us – there’s absolutely no obligation or expectation for you to give money.

If I WOULD like to donate to your work, how can I do this electronically? 

For a direct deposit donations, our account details are:

Greater Bank Account
Account Name: Corrimal Community Church
BSB: 637000
Account Number: 724196462
Reference: “Donation” or “Gift” or ‘Tithe” (add your surname, or not if you want to donate anonymously)

To donate online with credit card or PayPal:

I have hearing and/or visual challenges, is there any special provision for this?  

We work hard to make things fairly easy to hear (our hearing impaired friends are pretty relaxed with the in-house scenario) and we have a large, easily viewed TV screen for data projection.

What does a weekly service/meeting look like? 

At ANY of our regular gatherings, including our weekly 10am Sunday Gathering, the key idea is a large lounge room. We are everyday people providing a service to the community which is accessible, relaxed and hopefully energizing for daily life. As such we dress casually and comfortably. 

We provide a communion ceremony every week as is possible during this season (i.e. eating bread and drinking grape juice to remember Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for us when He died on the Cross – Jesus instigated this remembrance ceremony at his Last Supper – Mark 14:22-25; 1 Corinthians 11:23-26).

We provide opportunity for people to receive prayer for any needs in their life (privately OR publicly as needed), whatever that need might be.

Our ministers share the truth that God reveals to them as they read the Bible. It’s like a big conversation, engaging and interactive. Our expectation is that all who attend will feel they can engage respectfully with what’s being shared and that what is shared is NOT something that is incontestable. We encourage people to submit their questions, prayer needs or other enquiries, during the meeting via text message on 0439 137 780 or via Facebook messenger on our Facebook Page, both of which are monitored during gatherings by appointed hosts, or face to face to one of our hosts at reception (you could talk with them or engage them via the connect / prayer cards scattered with pencils around the room maybe close to the end of seating rows. You can deposit used cards into one of the red offering bags situated on the reception desk counter OR on the communion table near the stage)

If you not able to attend in person, why not contact with us at 10am each Sunday on our Church Online Platform. You can engage, chat and interact anonymously, or create a login, it’s up to you!

Also you can always send us a message in one of the following ways:

Use the CONTACT US page on this website
Send a message via our Facebook page
Text us on 0439 137 780

If you’re in house we have cuppa or a meal together following the gathering.

How can I find out what’s happening, things I can pray for or other ways I can connect?

Visit our Current News Updates on the News and Journals Menu and Mission Prayer Points where regular updates are posted.

If you are a regular attender you may like to subscribe to the ‘Rising HOPE’ journal set of communiques’ (Weekly News, Covid-Safe updates, Mission Sitreps, Devotions and more) sent by our ministry team in bite size pieces via Mailchimp. These journal offerings are designed to both help clarify the story of our church’s life and mission in real time and give resources for prayerful review and action. To subscribe contact us and say you’d like your email address to be added to the church’s communique email list.

Our Senior Minister Graeme Hush, wrote a couple of hundred ‘H.O.P.E Project Daily Devotionals’ through 2020-21. These were designed as discussion starters and reference points for the mission vision God has been shaping for and with us over the last few years. An E-Book and Hard Copy of all reflections so far WILL be produced as soon as the current work in this season makes it possible to spend the time. You can receive any future additions if you contact us and give Heather or Carol permission to add your email to the subscription list. If you would like to catch up on the 10 most recent devotions via THIS LINK you can, OR we will let you know if you have subscribed, when Graeme’s E-book/Hard Copy (cost price for subscribers only) becomes available.

What do I need to do if I am interested in knowing more about how I can be involved with greater commitment to the life and work of Corrimal Community Church?

We have an introductory leaflet designed to explain what others call church membership, but what we prefer to refer to as ‘covenant partnership’, because it describes a deeper journey together of maturing fellow workers IN Christ, sharing the responsibility for the kingdom advancing task that CCC has been called to by Father God. Here is the link to the current “Covenant Partnership Introductory Information and Expression of Interest Form .