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About Us

Your local church in East Corrimal NSW

G’day and thanks so much for dropping in to find out more about us.  We are a local church in Corrimal NSW on the beach side of the railway line.  Here, on the pages of our website, you can find out more about what’s happening at and out from, the Corrimal Community Church Hub.

Weekly Gatherings and Live-Streams

Join us 10am each Sunday morning (there is NEVER a ‘normal’ Sunday gathering on the 2nd Sunday of December), either IN-HOUSE or ONLINE, because on this day we explore together what it means to be a mission company as we prepare for our annual 5pm ‘Carols in the Street’ GIFT to the Neighbourhood, which takes all day to set up for.

You can ‘like us’ when you visit our Facebook page to find and be notified with the latest news AND links to our Live-Streams, or you could subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch/listen to some of our weekly preachers/speakers. IF our Preachers/Speakers produce written note summaries of the messages they present, they will be able to be accessed via our Sermon Notes page

A NEW Introduction Video from our Ministry Team will be uploaded HERE during January 2024
Click on any of the following links for more in depth information about WHO WE ARE
  • If you would like to receive ‘Rising HOPE’ a more detailed MONTHLY journal of the latest news, prayer points and mission Sit-Reps, PLEASE go to our Contact Us Page and send us a message with your current email address. This will give us your permission to add you email address to our ‘mail-chimp’ audience.
  • At the HUB – is a calendar of events and facilities use / bookings
  • Click on this link if you’d like to make an Appointment to see our Senior Minister
  • FAQ’s – General questions about who we are and what we believe, when and where we meet, what a meeting looks like, logistics about our meetings, ways to engage with us and more ……
  • We receive Offerings and financial gifts with heartfelt thanks (Giving & Bank Details in the margin ->)
The Following Links Provide Fact Sheets about aspects of the ‘Heaven On Planet Earth (HOPE) Project’
(These links will become live progressively before the end of January 2023)
  • What is the HOPE Project?
  • HOPE Prays
  • HOPE Cares
  • HOPE Prepares (College)
  • HOPE Shares (Communities & Kingdom Chats)
  • HOPE Devotions and Study Resources
  • HOPE Podcast Stations
  • HOPE4Kids
  • HOPE Task Force (Targeted Ministries)
  • Bringing HOPE Online Shop