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be equipped at hope college

Welcome to Heaven On Planet Earth (HOPE) College

Getting started – any time of the year

If you are interested in studying any or all subjects offered, or would like to apply, first of all contact us URGENTLY via this Contact Form to let us know your interest. Once we know a little more about your circumstances and training needs, we will send you a relevant application form.

When you receive the application form, simply complete it as fully as you can, and email scan it to us or attach to an email and send to (just copy and past the registrar email link into your preferred email service)

HOPE College is designed for TWO potential discipleship groups.

  1. Corrimal Community Church Covenant Partners (wherever they reside) are those who are seeking to share the responsibility for and intentionally, actively engage in the mission that God has called all of us to as a church; by being equipped and commissioned as Backyard Missionaries and Facilitating Ministry Leaders who declare, represent and demonstrate the kingdom of heaven right where they live, work and play.
  2. Anyone else from any church or mission field, who wants ‘the church’ to look more like Jesus wherever THEY are.

We have NO DESIRE for anyone to leave the church and/or mission they are called to, we are only offering an alternative for training that can be used for kingdom advancing collaboration.

SEMESTER TWO 2022 DEVELOPMENT (July 24 to November 27) – We’ve listened to students, we’ve experimented with modes of study and we’ve discerned in the Holy Spirit what the BEST ways forward and what the most effective ways to engage maximum students in the widest variety of circumstances might be, and we have some shape now regarding Semester TWO organization.

We have successfully built a podcast station for the College and so, when Semester TWO kicks off, we will provide links for weekly podcast content and study guides so you can choose what subjects you will engage as they become available, and be able to listen and study when you have time any given week. For those of you wanting to continue or start (you can choose to start anytime) studying towards future training awards a time frame will be provided on the study guides indicating when assignment work should be submitted. (PLEASE TALK TO US IF YOU ARE THINKING OF STUDYING FOR CREDIT, SO WE CAN AGREE ON A PLAN FOR GREATEST OUTCOMES BENEFIT)

NB: We will add the Podcast Station link to this page as soon as the content is organized for easy access and use.

Alongside this content provision, we will work towards supplementing the ‘off-campus’ mode of study with coaching/tutoring scheduled via zoom or face to face at regular intervals of time if and when that can be determined for each student.

Stay tuned as the next ‘HOPE HERALD’ (our college newsletter) will detail the logistics for Semester TWO. If you would like to receive this regular newsletter in your inbox, please make your request and provide your best email address via this Contact Form.

For all enquiries about HOPE College, including application process and a copy of the complete Student Application appropriate to your needs, please leave a message for the Registrar on 0439 137 780 or Contact the College directly via this Contact Form.

More learning opportunities

Bible Studies

Corrimal Community Church has a number of Bible studies being added through an average week. For more information contact us.

Weekly Sunday meetings

For a taste of what we are trying to be and do as a Church Mission Company, join us for one of our ‘current’ weekly Sunday meetings. This is a time for generalist training, equipping and discipling. You could say it’s ‘Community Platform for Equipping’, along with the encouragement of growing in our faith together as the body of Christ. Check out our calendar At the Hub for attendance and contact details for all our meetings as they are scheduled

We’d love to connect with you sometime soon!