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If and when our Speakers / Preachers, produce a ‘Transcript Summary’ of the Message they present to a gathering/event at Corrimal Community Church, OR a Study Guide for that Message, we will post the link to that summary and or study guide on this page … it doesn’t happen too regularly at present, but the frequency will increase.

NB: At present we haven’t the capacity to provide complete message audios (mp3’s) on this page, but, you can find messages within the video recordings of the live streams on our YouTube Channel . There may also be a full message along with a growing number of short teaching and or devotional PODCASTS on our HOPE Podcast Station.


(22/10/2023) Practical Hints from Jesus about Submitting to the Kingdom Rule of Heaven ON Earth (Courage and Clarity – Marks of an ever deepening relationship with Jesus) – Graeme Hush

(15/10/2023) Practical Hints from Jesus about Submitting to Kingdom Rule of Heaven ON Earth (‘Towards More of God’s Righteousness’) – Graeme Hush

(4/12/2022) Carols, Wow, Who Knew? (Church Christmas Lunch 2022 Presentation) – Graeme Hush

(25/09/2022) Fullness IS Equipping Part 1 Summary Transcript – Graeme Hush

(15/08/2022) Prophetic Word to the Church – Julie Padwick